Thomas Fowell Buxton married Hannah Gurney, a member of the famous Norwich family that included Elizabeth Fry. Thomas Fowell Buxton began his working life in the family brewery at Trumans in Spitalfield.  Fowell Buxton’s religious convictions drove him to become a brilliant campaigner and he used his seat in parliament to fight for an end to the death penalty and for reforms to the justice system.  A fading William Wilberforce asked Fowell Buxton to continue the struggle against slavery and it was Fowell Buxton who finally navigated the momentous Abolition of Slavery Bill through parliament in 1833. The Buxtons lost five of their children to illness, four in one terrible episode of whooping cough and measles.The family moved to Norfolk, first to Cromer and then to Northrepps Hall. Their tombs and memorials can be seen at nearby Overstrand Church.